von eUw BREW
20165 Industrial Ave. Langley City
Tel; 604.530.0791
Opening Hours; Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
                                         Saturday 9am-2pm
                             Sundays & Holidays Closed


 26 Years of Cheers !            

von eUw BREW   Est. 1992                               
If you enjoy making wine or beer then von eUw BREW is the place
where you can take your pleasure a step further. This beer and
wine making Store (u-brew ) will sell you the ingredients to craft your
own wines, wine coolers , port, sherry, ice wine and craft beer.
Finding space in your home for the brewing operation is unnecessary.
You can mix the ingredients right on the premise, leave it to ferment
and come back when it is ready to be bottled.

Owners Glenda and Pauli von Euw are excellent winemakers
and are continually updating their vinting skills. Manager Raj Prasad
and staff member Dave Gogol are well-qualified to help customers
with the complete wine and beer making process.
Making wine at a u-brew facility has come a long way since Pauli & Glenda started the von eUw BREW facility in 1992.

Not only have wine kits improved dramatically, but do-it-yourselfers
can now make wine from fresh grapes, age their wines in oak barrels
and brew microbrew-style beers from pure grains. The atmosphere at
the shop is fun, social and educational. Experience the satisfaction of
making your own Shiraz, Pinot Gris or Cream Ale at von eUw BREW.

May 2019

Wine making store and beer making Surrey, Langley.